Husko delivers fish delicacies for all purposes!

Husko Smoked Fish Wholesalers was born out of Sebastian Husko’s ambition to produce perfect smoked fish. The company was established in 1985 and the production method reached its current form after a decade of research and development. The company’s products are known for their delicious flavour in Finland and beyond. All products abide by the original production methodology, while development continues in relation to new products and technology.

The company is actively developing new products for its customers. At the moment the company´s sortiment consists of about 50 different smoked and flame-grilled products.

Husko Smoked Fish Wholesalers has traditions going back over 20 years. Thanks to continual product development and quality control, we are able to respond to new challenges and deliver only the best, fresh, high-quality fish to our customers. In our smokehouse we use only traditional smoking and flame-grilling methods. We do not use electricity or chemical liquids in our smoking process, instead favouring European alder as our only raw material.

We are a financially sound fish wholesaler with a solid client base. Our clientele comprises several wholesale firms, large retail corporations, fishmongers and private individuals. We are based in Lieto, right next to Turku on Finland’s west coast.

Husko Savukalatukku Oy

Kolmikesälänkuja 4
FI-21420 Lieto
Tel. +358 2 487 8608
Mob. +358 40 730 9243
Fax. +358 2 487 8608
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